Sunday 12 October 2014

***REVIEW*** Save Me By Natasha Preston

I should have known by the title that this story might be a bit of a heart breaker...and it was, for me anyway!!  The author has written with such intensity the detail of how a person can feel when they lose someone close to them, I could almost feel the despair and loss myself.

The story is centred around Tegan who has tragically lost her father and falls into a deep depression. She basically loses the ability to care about her life and in this downward spiral she not only hurts herself but those around her too. It seems the people close to Tegan just can't seem to save her from self destruction.

However, she has two saving graces, one by the name of Kai, who she meets at a party and the other, Lucas, who's father received Tegan's dad's heart, by organ donation.

Both Kai and Lucas are completely loveable characters and the love triangle continues throughout the book. I really was kept guessing all the way, whilst routing for one of them to finally break through and win Tegan's heart.

Can either of these loveable boys save Tegan from the blackness consuming her and save her from herself?

You will need to read for yourself and find out, as always this is a spoiler free review.

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