Monday 6 October 2014

***REVIEW*** Life Support (Breathe Series Book 2) By Zoe Norman.

Life Support picks up where Rescue Breathing stops.
We continue the journey of the smart, sassy Olivia & the gorgeous, protective Owen.
The struggles these two have endured in their past & present are shocking, can they come out unscathed? Only time will tell.

The ups & downs in this story will have your head in a spin.  You will laugh, cry, swoon & scream. Let me tell you there were several times I wanted to shake some sense into these two loveable characters!

We get to see more of their closest family & friends although I would still liked to have seen more of Owen's sister & mother at some serious situations but this did not detract from the story.

I wanted to hug Olivia's best friend Charley so hard for being head of the 'Olivia fan club' yet also being first in line to knock some sense into her too.

I would love to see more books in this series for Olivia & Owen or separate books for their friends, 
but thats just me being greedy. This story does answer all questions.

Book 1 in the Breathe Series 'Rescue Breathing' by Zoe Norman is on sale for a limited time only

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