Thursday 23 October 2014

***REVIEW*** Grounded (Deception series book 3) By Nicky Jayne

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Nicky works her magic with this one!

The twists & turns in this third instalment of the Deception series will have your head in a spin!
We get some much needed answers to Parker & Willow's story along with more of Tanner & his family.  It also raises more questions, I can't wait for part 4!!!

So in order to keep this spoiler free I will end here with a HANKY WARNING! I sobbed like a baby at parts.

Honestly, well done Nicky! 
I am a forever fan!


Willow has everything she could ever want in life. An amazing job and home, but most of all, she has the love of a good man. Or at least, that’s what she thought. In the midst of organizing the wedding of the year, her life is torn apart by the ones she holds closest. With a broken heart, she leaves everything behind searching for a new start, a new life. One where she can be alone and free. Until, she met HIM. 
Parker Davis is an all-around playboy, with a passion for fast cars and even faster women. A chance encounter brings Willow and Parker together, forcing them to face feelings and fears that they never thought possible.

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