Saturday 18 October 2014

***BOOK INFO, REVIEW & EXCERPT*** Just as Good By Keshia Robertson

 Evan Hermes traded in romance for pragmatism when he suggested marriage at their New Year's Eve party to his girlfriend Kitt Preston. It was a “suggestion” which wasn’t well received by the love of his life. Though it’s taken him most of the year to figure out the perfect proposal, this time romance is front and centre to obtain a yes!

Kitt has been in love with Evan ever since he asked her out during their first year of college. Tall, handsome, and a family man, Evan is the kind of person that most women would be falling over themselves to marry…but not her. Kitt is only willing to say yes to a marriage proposal that is worthy of their love and years together.


This is a fun, short read, centred around a family christmas.

Although there were a few hiccups along the way it had a loving feel to it, along with all the expected humour of a big family christmas & a healthy dose of brotherly mocking & embarrassment.

You can see the love Kitt & Evan have for each other. However, there is a rather awkward situation where I struggled to believe the choices were made with absolute conviction.

Evan may hit the mark first time around, can he make it up to Kitt & meet her approval?

4 days before Christmas 
A second chance for Evan to propose felt about as miraculous as Santa Claus standing in the middle of his living room with an inheritance grand enough for him, Kitt, and their future children’s children to each share comfortably. 
As a grown man, it was kind of silly to believe in things such as the miracle of the holidays, but even after discovering Santa’s nonexistence at the age of eight just as his mother lost her battle to cancer, he still saved some hope for Santa during the holidays. 
Kitt had left the house that week to spend it helping her mother and stepfather get ready for their trip to Barbados. Evan shivered before pressing the doorbell to Kitt’s parent’s house. She had been the friend he lusted over for a greater part of first year until he confessed to her and they became a couple. He would forgive Santa for allowing people to say that he was someone who didn’t exist if the old man had his back for just this one holiday. He wanted to make it a Christmas that Kitt wouldn’t be able to forget. 
Kitt opened the door with a large pink suitcase rolling behind her. 
“Are you immigrating to my parent’s cottage?” he asked. 
Evan smiled at her as Kitt stuck her tongue out at him. He knew her to be a person who traveled only after packing half of her closet even if it was just for a day. 
“I always win your parents and brothers over with my runway model wardrobe,” Kitt teased. “And you know I have a lot of hair products.” 
“I would figure,” he said. 
Her thick, curly hair formed small spirals around her shoulders. It had been their first source of conversation after Kitt asked to stand under his umbrella on the first day of university classes. He had looked down at the shorter girl beside him seeing only curls, large glasses, and flawless brown skin before he decided that he had fallen for her. 
He reached for her suitcase. “I’ll take that.” 
“Ah…holding doors and carrying all of the heavy things…” she said. “Good boyfriend.” 
She turned to lock her front door and then walked to his car. The word “boyfriend” was appearing in a grateful afterthought in her sentences. If he had done more than suggest marriage, he would be called “future husband” sweetly instead.

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