Friday 17 October 2014

***REVIEW*** Dancing Hearts by Heather Dahlgren

When a book starts with a Luke Bryan Concert you know you are on to a winner!

It's no secret I love my music & I clearly I love reading so when the two combine I get really excited, this book did NOT disappoint, I urge you to check out the soundtrack too.

Right on to the whole point of this... The book!

Dancing Hearts has it all!
You will laugh, cry, swoon & scream! 
Have them handy!

We have the pint sized Emma, who is smart, sassy & funny.  She has been hurt but will take NO CRAP from anyone! 

And her amazing group of friends, they affectionately call each other "Fannies" (which for me, being Scottish, is rather normal but I get the impression it isn't that common elsewhere, so I loved it.)
What true friends they are. They laugh, cry & party together but will kick ass when it's needed!

We have the sexy as sin alpha Cooper who has also been hurt but has made an amazing life for himself.
He has a crazy bunch of friends too, no affectionate nickname though, they are your typical single blokes, who laugh & joke a LOT but they all have good hearts & will put you in your place when needed.

Watching both sets of friends together was so much fun!

When these two people come together it is so sweet it may just give you toothache but can two broken pasts make a solid future?

You will just need to read Dancing Hearts & find out.
A job WELL DONE by Heather, THANK YOU!

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