Thursday 2 October 2014

***REVIEW*** Rescue Breathing (The Breathe Series Book 1) By Zoe Norman

I loved this story so much and am so glad I can dive straight into book 2, Life Support, because I. NEED. MORE!

We have Olivia & Owen, two very strong characters who have been broken by their pasts. Determined to not go down that road again, until fate steps in.  Can two broken souls help heal each other or is this destined to end in failure? 

Olivia is a very loveable character, smart & sassy, Drop dead gorgeous but has no idea.
She has a true friend in Charley, who encourages Olivia to live in the moment but Olivia struggles to quiet her analytical, psychologist side. 
Their conversations & thoughts are so funny & had me chuckling away as I read.

Owen is part of an elite rescue crew for the FDNY, your typical gorgeous playboy who likes to work & party hard.  The guys in his crew are such a rowdy bunch, as you'd expect.  They are great fun & compliment each others personalities well.
I couldn't get enough of their banter & humour.

Family is such a strong element in  this story, whether it be blood, friends or co workers.  
The interactions are brilliant & so true to life.

Thank you Zoe for writing such a fantastic page turner, I am going to end here before any spoilers slip in.

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