Wednesday 15 October 2014

***COVER REVEAL*** Mendacious by Beth Ashworth


Genre: Contemporary Romance


Release Date: December 2014


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Cover design by Arijana Karčić, Cover It! Designs.






1. Not telling the truth; lying.
2. Based on lies.


At the young, naive age of twenty-three, Alex Lewis believed in the deepness of his love and the strength of his marriage to, Libby, his teenage sweetheart. Married for three years, but struggling financially to keep a roof over their heads, Alex thought his wife would stand by him till the bitter end. But she didn’t. His world crashed down around him. 


Fast forward seven years, we meet Alex Lewis again. In the time since his divorce, he has matured significantly. Now the founder and domineering CEO of A L Investments, a multimillion-pound Investment and Management Company, he couldn’t be more different. The high-flying career he has managed to carve conceals a raw and vulnerable side just under the surface. The scars from his ill-fated marriage run deep, leaving him distant, cold, and alone.


So when his path with Libby crosses and an opportunity for revenge presents itself, Alex jumps at the offer. His mind is determined to make Libby feel the pain he has suffered over the last seven years… but his heart and conscience are fiercely battling against him. 


The love of his life is back once again, but who can win in this mendacious game of revenge?  

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