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***NEW RELEASE*** The Journey Home By Kelly Elliott


Fate has a way of stepping in and righting itself when we least expect it. 


Maddison Powers has been regretting the biggest mistake of her life when she walked away from the only man who has ever sparked something deep inside her. After comparing every guy she dates to Cale Blackwood, she finally gives up all hope of ever finding him. 


One dare by Maddison throws Cale back into her life...and into the arms of her best friend. 


Cale Blackwood thought he had found the woman of his dreams, until she walked away from him one night and didn't look back. Attempting to find love again, Cale finds himself in a relationship built on one lie after another. Forced to take on the biggest challenge of his life, Calemust seek help from the woman who walked away from him and broke his heart. 


Sometimes it takes more than one journey in life to truly be home.











Maddie's POV


Cale, you need to go home.”

He closed his eyes and shook his head. “You’re doing it again. You’re pushing me away. I’m tired of it, Maddie. I’m so tired of it.”

I swallowed hard and turned to find my phone. I needed Jack to come pick up Cale.

I was about to dial my phone when Cale grabbed me. He turned me around and backed me up until I hit the living room wall.

His eyes were filled with lust. That look had my panties soaked in seconds.

He lifted up my dress and, in one quick movement, he ripped my panties from my body. I wanted to cry out yes. I wanted to let him take me, but I couldn’t.

Cale,” I said. “Don’t do this.”

He kissed my neck and I started to give in. When his hand touched my inner thigh, I startled. His lips moved to mine and I moaned, desperately, into his mouth as he lifted my leg.

“Oh God,” I whispered. I tried to come to my senses. “Cale, please don’t do this. We can’t do this.”

He moved his lips to my jaw line as he kissed around to my ear. “Are you turned on by me? Or by him?”

The moment he asked, I felt like a whore. I dropped my leg and pushed him back.

I wiped the tears from my eyes.

“Jesus. I didn’t mean that Maddie. I just—”

“Get out,” I said. “Get out of my house and don’t you dare set foot near me again. I hate you, Cale.”


Copyright 2014 The Journey Home Kelly Elliott


***PRERELEASE BLITZ*** Idle Bloom By Jewel E Ann

Meet Oliver & Vivian in this sexy, quirky & emotional stand-alone. You will laugh, you will cry and most of all, you will not be disappointed!

Pre-order Idle Bloom for a December 1st release at the following retailers:





"What lies beneath my veiled perfection is the ugly truth—my truth, my reality, my destiny."

Vivian Graham has an acceptance letter into Harvard, a badass tattoo, loyal friends, ties to marijuana, a penchant for Dunkin’ Donuts, and her pesky V-card. 

Everyday she takes the Red Line to her job at The Green Pot in Boston while her friends enter the coveted, black iron gates to higher learning. The ramifications from a tragic accident have put her life on hold while time marches on for everyone around her. 

After graduating from Harvard Law, Boston native, Oliver Konrad, moves to Portland to start his career and his life. Three years later, after a horrific discovery, he returns home to trade in his three-piece suit for leather work boots and his suburban home for a condo in Cambridge. 

All he brought back to the East Coast was an aversion to pillows and secrets he keeps hidden behind a mysterious locked door. Oliver’s days are predictable and his nights are lonely until he meets Vivian on the subway. Her long raven hair, green eyes, and mile-long legs are achingly sexy, but the way she "innocently" fingers and licks her Boston Kreme doughnut can only be described in two words—complete torture.

When their paths cross at every turn, laughter is abundant, friendship is easy, and love is unintentional. However, their future seems improbable.


“I don’t need panties.”

“I disagree,” he says with his back to me as he signs for the purchase at the counter. He takes the bag in one hand and grabs my hand with his other. “Shall we?” He leads me out of the store.

A, I have plenty of panties. B, I told you I don’t wear them sometimes because it makes me feel sexy.”

He opens my door and sets the bag by my feet after I get in. Then he leans down and brings his face a breath away from mine as his hand slides up my leg. His thumb eases past my shorts. He stops and shakes his head as the pad of it meets my bare sex, no underwear.

My face contorts into a grimacing smile as my shoulders rise into a guilty shrug. He presses his thumb to my now wet center. My mouth relaxes as I suck in a breath and try to close the distance between our lips. He moves his head back just enough to deny me. He grins then moves his thumb a little higher. I moan as he rubs slow circles.

“How do you feel?” he whispers.

“G–good.” I grip the side of the seat and let my head fall back.

“What else?”

“Turned … on.” I close my eyes.

“What else?”

I tilt my hips up as he works me up so high I fear my own reaction to the impending fall.

“Oli …”

He speeds up, pressing his lips to my neck, and when his teeth graze over my sensitive skin I lose it.

“What. Else?” he whispers in my ear as the blinding sensation rips through me.

“Sexy … I feel … sexy.” I try to catch my breath while my head’s still spinning.

He kisses me hard then shuts my door.

I hate that I have no self-control to deny him giving me an orgasm while parked with the door open on a public street. Now he’s sporting a ridiculously smug grin as he pulls out into traffic.

“What was the point of that?” I break the silence.

“I wanted to prove that make you feel sexy. Now that you know that, you can start wearing underwear.”

“What does it matter if no one else can see that I’m not wearing underwear?”

“First, some of the dresses you wear are awfully short. Second, I know you’re not wearing underwear and I don’t like walking around saluting everyone I pass.”


He shoots me a you-know-what-I-mean look.

“Whatever, you’re just being weird.”

“I’m being a guy.”

“That’s what I said. You’re being weird.”


(The author is responsible for this giveaway)

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***NEW RELEASE*** The Redeemer Rouge Passion Series Book 2 By JD Chase


The sequel to The Player. The second and final installment of the Rouge Passion series.

Xander’s secret sends Isla reeling. Frustrated with her own stupidity, and in full denial of the pain she’s feeling, she resolves to teach him a lesson. As the legal owner of Rouge Passion, she’s in the perfect position to do just that. And boy, she could give lessons on how to deal with cheats. She goes all out to protect her position, including enlisting the services of two former Marines.  

Although fiercely independent, she has to rely on the staff to help her, something that proves difficult, especially after a drunken liaison.  

Can Xander outmanoeuvre her or, with the odds stacked against him, should he walk away?

Is everything always black and white? Or do grey areas exist?

Xander is forced to regret holding his cards so close to his chest but, when all is revealed, will he be left holding the winning hand?

Amazon UK

Amazon US

The Player
Rouge Passion 
Book 1

Amazon UK

Amazon US

***NEW RELEASE*** Mistaken Identity Now or Never Book 2 in the Mistaken Series By Amy-Beth

***BOTH books on sale at 77p***


My name is Morgan and I have been tortured, abused and tormented for over six years, I have prayed for help, I have screamed for the why’s. I have fought with every fibre in my soul, but still he has won at every game he has played. 

Harry King is not a force to be reckoned with, I have shown him all my cards and yet he still holds me in my cell of a room. 

I am getting closer to finding out who Summer is and why I have had to suffer. All the players are getting into position, their final cards are about to be drawn, how many will see the light of darkness again? Its time to find out once and for all.

It’s Now or Never!

***REVIEW*** The Redeemer Rouge Passion Book 2 By JD Chase

What a story! 

The Redeemer picks up exactly where The Player left off.

JD Chase has worked her magic again & weaved a cryptic web to lead us through many twists & turns that keep us guessing the whole way.

Feisty redhead Isla Hamilton is a force to be reckoned with & god help anyone who crosses her. Does that spark run true or does our Red have a softer side?

Xander Rhodes is charming CEO & bad boy all rolled up in one tasty package but can he charm his way out of this pickle? 

We get to see more of the staff at Rouge Passion along with some new faces. Dean the head barman gives a few surprises too.  We meet a feisty new female character who puts everyone in their place.  

As always this is a spoiler free review so I will finish by saying I NEED MORE!!!!

***REVIEW*** Mistaken Identity 2 Now or Never By Amy Beth

This girl can write f***ed up like no other I've read.
This second part in the Mistaken Identity Series is no exception to that.

Morgan has been on one hell of a ride the last 6 years, witnessing things that no one should have to face.  What has 'Now or Never' got in store for her?  Surely things will get better... Right?

Bailey certainly has his hands full to keep his word to Morgan, can he stick by her or are circumstances against them?

There are some other characters we get to see more of but that's about all I can say to avoid spoilers.  

If these books have taught me anything it is definitely to expect the unexpected, Talk about plot twists, with surprises around every corner.

This series has pushed my comfort zone & for that I am grateful.  Keeping this spoiler free is harder than I thought so I will end here by thanking Amy Beth for this opportunity.

Monday, 24 November 2014

***REVIEW*** Seduction & Snacks Chocolate Lovers #1 By Tara Sivec

Um... Where do I start with this one?

I looked for a light hearted funny read & boy did I get it.

What a great bunch of friends who are all just the right amount of crazy!

Claire is such a great character, embracing all life throws at her with sarcasm & humour.

 I don't even know how to explain how much I loved Gavin, that kid is a hoot! No idea how Claire is still a functioning human/parent with the stuff he comes out with... Wait scratch that, its obvious Claire wings it at times (not a bad parenting jibe!)

Liz & Jim are great together & as much as they joke they adore Claire & Gavin, supporting them whole heartedly.

Not much I can say about Jenny except her vocabulary challenged  ways were so funny.

Enter Carter & Drew, what are the chances these people are thrown back together after all these years?
LOVE Drew's shirts, I am a tad jealous of his collection.

Carter is amazingly resilient given the shock of everything & fear George instills.

George Morgan is likened to Chuck Norris quite early on by Claire & it is BANG ON!

To say I have had more than my fair share of 'she's finally lost the plot' looks from my other half while reading this, there are some BLOODY BRILLIANT one liners!

Friday, 21 November 2014

***** REVIEW****** Promises After Dark by Kahlen Aymes book #3 in the Promises Trilogy

Wow wow wow wow !!

Steamy is not the word ladies ! My kindle was on FIRE !!!

Just when you thought Alexander Avery couldn't get any hotter .... Well lets just say he could melt the polar ice cap single handedly !!

Promises follows right on from book #2 .... 

Will the path of true love run smooth ? Is it true love between Alex and Angel ? Will they get their happily ever after or will Mark Swanson ruin everything ? 

As always ladies this is a spoiler free review ... You'll have to read it to find out 😉

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

COVER REVEAL Before Ryan Was Mine by Kahlen Aymes

This is Ryan Matthews and Julia Abbott's beginning, from meeting, the development of a friendship that becomes the most important of their lives. When deeper feelings of love and lust start to intrude, both first deny then face, that a chance at romance, if failed, will mean the loss of the one person who is the very center of their universe. Written at reader requests, this is the sweet, sexy and heart-wrenching prequel to Kahlen Aymes' bestselling series,

The Remembrance Trilogy. 


Pre-order Available for ONLY $2.99

Barnes & Noble:



Skip to the Good Part Synopsis: Find your next red-hot read in this sizzling collection of sexy scenes 99¢ only through release week—regularly $2.99

Skip to the Good Part Synopsis:

Find your next red-hot read in this sizzling collection of sexy scenes

99¢ only through release week—regularly $2.99


Skip to the Good Part: 20 Authors Reveal Their Steamiest Scenes offers face-fanning romance and tie-me-up sizzle (and everything in between) from top authors including New York Times andUSA Today bestsellers.


The collection features a British alpha who wants to turn a good girl bad, a woman realizing her impetuous marriage to a stripper isn’t all bad, a bad boy boxer who could use a large dose of sexual healing, a carnie who has found new and inventive uses for fun house mirrors, and a rocker who wants to woo the girl who got away: his high school sweetheart.


Read 20 of the best steamy scenes in contemporary romance and erotic romance today. This 250-page collection will get your blood pumping, your heart racing, and your skin tingling—you’re sure to discover a new favorite.

Due to the graphic nature of some content, this collection is recommended strictly for mature readers.


New York Times best-selling authors:

Raine Miller

Kendall Ryan

K. Bromberg

Carly Phillips

Denise Grover Swank

S.L. Scott


USA Today best-selling authors:

Christine Bell

Rebecca Shea

Andrea Smith



Magan Vernon

Kristie Cook

Nevaeh Lee & Michelle Lynn

Alessandra Thomas

Selena Laurence

Heidi Joy Tretheway

Elizabeth Briggs

Meghan March

Taylor Michaels

K.B. Nelson

Elise Covert



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***REVIEW*** Masquerade A RA Jones Anthology

In this Anthology is 8 short stories in various genres of Romantic Fiction with the only similarity being, yep, you guessed it a Masquerades.

As always these will be spoiler free reviews.

Dancing with Death
By CP Mandara

Although paranormal is not my usual genre I did enjoy this story. However, it was a little TOO short for my liking.

Violetta is a vampire huntress famed for her success in this field.

Monsieur Martinet is no ordinary vampire, he has a special 'gift', that & his many, many years make him a much sought after 'prize kill' for Violetta.

The images the writer conjures are amazingly detailed, drawing you in completely. 

Masked Desires
By Alisa Easton

Clara is a rather shy, quiet girl so when her friend Jenna suggests they go to this masked event Clara tries to get out of it.  However, with Jenna's help & persuasion they get ready & set off.  

What happens there is beyond anyone's expectations! This girl is in need of a cold shower!!! 

By Paige Matthews

Wow this tale is all kinda HOT!

Bella embarks on a daring night, although planned out months beforehand it is no less nerve wracking.
No names, no identities just one night of fun, fantasy & pleasure. What unfolds will have your heart & panties igniting.

Under Cover
By Glenda Horsfall

While Jed is away on business Laura has missed him terribly, she can not wait for his return but when he gets back things do not go how she has expected at all.

Not quite sure I could have followed through with these orders but that's irrelevant, can Laura?
Will she manage to sate his disappointment?

Gah, keeping these spoiler free gets more & more difficult with each new story! 

Optical Illusions
By Gale Stanley

Maggie had a rather sheltered upbringing, at the mercy of strict parents which led to a wild child phase.  As time goes on there are certain events that have Maggie afraid of this side of herself so she buries it deep & moves on as best she can.

What happens when a, too good to miss work opportunity arrises?
Will a glam new dress for a swanky function give Maggie the confidence to let lose of just one night?    

The Iron Maiden
By Kayla Lords

Baby girl & Sir embark on an eye opening night at the Iron Maiden, a BDSM club.  What transpires is truly eye opening.  The dedication needed to see through with this lifestyle properly is remarkable.

Dominating Justice
By Dakota Skye

Melinda works hard as a defensive attorney by day while living a secret life with her sisters at night. Everything is compartmentalised & kept in strict order, until one wish changes things drastically.

Brad is a hard ass judge who seems untouchable but has had several 'blips' in his personal life, or is he really just THAT stern?

What happens when two strong personalities clash? It's definitely worth the read to find out. 

Fables Deux 
By Hunter S Jones 

This last part of the anthology is actually made up of 2 shorter 'teaser' stories.  

They both feature the fantasies of our leading lady Mary. The first is in Victorian London with Pierre & Jean Paul, the second is set in Las Vegas 2014 with James & Thomas. 

This is not so much the fantasy themselves being played out but the anticipation & build up, which can be more exciting & daring than the actual event.  I personally would love to see how these scenes played out but that's just me being greedy ;-)

To all the authors who participated, I would like to THANK YOU.  

The next RA Jones Anthology will be released in February 2015

Saturday, 15 November 2014

***REVIEW*** Surrendered Truth Book 1 in the Truth Trilogy By JM Nash

I have to say I enjoyed this story, although there were some difficult parts that were hard for me to read there were plenty of light parts to balance things out.  I found it quite funny & the banter between the characters was great.  I can't wait to get started on part 2 Deceived Truth.

Addison William's is living in hell, doing the best she can since the tragic deaths of her parents sent her life into a spin.

Addison is a remarkable young lady making the best of a bad situation, I use the term bad loosely, until she can save enough to escape.  She is so strong yet vulnerable, she can be so funny & will bust your balls if need be.

Greyson Reid has it all, money, control, a business he loves & is living the single life too busy to be tied down until one sentence in his grandfather's will changes things drastically.

"Upon my death, Greyson Paul Reid will have thirty days to marry."

Addison & Greyson's lives literally collide very unexpectedly & the experience leaves them both confused.

Can two people from such different walks of life fall in true love so deeply & so quickly?

Is Greyson just putting up a front, living a shame for the sake of the will & his grandfather's happiness?

Will Addison recover & be able to forgive Greyson? Will Greyson even try to fix things?

For all these answers you will just need to read the series for yourself, as always this is a spoiler free review.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

******REVIEW***** Littler Conversations by Sibylla Matilde

Well what can i say Sib has knocked it out of the park Again!!! Im going to be thinking about baseball for a while thats all I can say !!! Fantastic follow up to the first book in the series Little Conversations. 

We have visits from old ghosts and troubles for futures to come ..

Is the future written in the stars ?

Aaaaargh !!! I need more now !!! 

Quite a short review this time as want to keep this review spoiler free as always !!! 

***REVIEW*** That Man 4 By Nelle L'Amour

I have no idea where to start with this so be warned, I may ramble!

We see more of Blake's grandma in this part & I have to say I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!!  She is HILARIOUS! I hope I have even half her spit & fire in my old age as she has.  She takes Jen under her wing & teaches her some Jewish traditions.

Jen has shown herself to be so much stronger than anyone would have expected of the shy & quiet girl we first met.  She has worked wonders at MY SIN TV part of the network Blake runs SIN TV all her ideas have come of fspectacularly, more so than anyone could have predicted!

Blake has let his tiger run & boy has she proved herself.  Blake is still Blake but he has also proved to be worthy of Jen although there are still questions left unanswered for part 5.
The course of true love never does run smoothly but I have some fears over what may come, Jen has been through so much heartache & drama can she take anymore?
Especially during the stress of planning "the wedding of the century" with Blake's mother running things?

I truly hope Jen & Blake get their happily ever after.

I need book 5 as in YESTERDAY!
Evil genius Nelle!

***REVIEW*** Night Life: Paranormal Short Stories By Tina Smith Melissa Frost SW Best Sherri Fulmer Moorer Alisse Lee Goldenburg & An Tran

Silver by Tina Smith 

I was actually pleasantly surprised to how much intrigue there was in this short story. 

There is lots of detail to character's, some more likeable than others, and a love triangle which sets off the trail of love, jealousy, betrayal and revenge. 

When a girl meets a boy and he isn't quite human...You think vampire, werewolf or maybe shapeshifter?? Well he just may be one if those things but I won't spoil it for you.

You'll have to one-click to find out...

Coming Home by Melissa Frost

This short story is based around a young girl who is coming of age and can't wait to move on and away from being in care.

What she doesn't realise, is that there are bigger things at play as to who she really is and where her destiny really lies. 

When a young man steps into Andi's life, her world is turned upside down. 

Only Darkness by SW Best

I really enjoyed this short story. I could hear myself saying 'no no no' to what was happening in the book. Just when you think you know what's going to happen, the unexpected happens.

If you like a book with a twist, then you'll love this.

Non Stop to Nowhere by Sherri Fulmer Moorer

This story evolves around two girls who hate each other but have to pull together to stop, what appears to be witchcraft and spells that have gone wrong.

An old secrets, jealousy and vendettas are spiralling out of control by a spirit that wants revenge.

This story is definitely a page turner...

Ouroboros by Alisse Lee Goldenburg & An Tran

This story is about incarnation and an evil spell that just can't seem to be broken. 

The main characters are likeable but just when you think the story is going to progress, it moves to a past time and to be honest it all got a little confusing. 

I would have liked a different ending but that is just my own personal opinion...

****REVIEW**** Empathy by Ker Dukey

Welllllll.......shes done it again ! Gone and left me hanging !!!!! The queen of twist :)

Absolutely cracking storyline, flowed really well throughout the book.

In Empathy we meet Melody who suffers loss tragedy and more loss heartbreak and deception ..... Will Ryan and Blake help her through it? Will Zane ??

You will have to read it yourselves ladies .....

Would definitely recommend!!! 

As always this is a spoiler free review 

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

***REVIEW*** That Man 3 By Nelle L'Amour

I have so enjoyed this series, while reacquainting myself with an author I adore, who writes beautifully. I had forgotten the rollercoasters she takes us on!

Calamity Jen sure lives up to her name in this third instalment of the series! I was on edge several times awaiting injury but they never happen how you expect!

Jen has really proved herself in her new career, she knows her stuff & stands by her choices.

Chaz & Libby are in this more but it's Chaz who shows us more of his brilliant character, you can't help but love him.  Jen is so fortunate to have him & his twin sister Libby in her corner. They make a great trio.

Jen gets goes home for christmas so we get to meet her wonderful parents & experience a cozy family holiday. As it should be but it is not without it's surprises, which are even more fun.   

Blake has a few surprises up his sleeve & they will melt your heart & your panties.

Keeping things spoiler free gets more difficult with each part of this series! So I will end here by saying this one is NOT to be missed!

***REVIEW*** That Man 2 By Nelle L'Amour

We continue the story of Calamity Jen, her amazing friends Libby & Chaz, not forgetting her gorgeous new boss Blake Burns.

Jen is such a great character I love her glass half full attitude but at times wish she would see things for what they really are.

We get to see more of her roommate best friend Libby in this part & she is great fun, exactly what Jen needs in her life.  When they go to Vegas for a work thing it balances out nicely, they are both so passionate about their careers so work is the main focus but they do get to kick back & have fun too.

It's no secret that I adore a good male POV, but Blake's thoughts are HILARIOUS! He is knows what he wants & never fails to get exactly that until he meets feisty Jen.

Are workplace relationships ever a good idea?
Can Jen tame the bad boy player?
Is Jen just a challenge for egotistical Blake?

Who will win Jen's heart, her long term boyfriend/new fiancé Bradley or the spontaneous Mr Burns?

You will just have to read & find out. As always a spoiler free review.

Another great job Nelle, I'm off to dive right into part 3.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

*****Review***** Little Conversations by Sibylla Matilde

I can. Not. Believe. I. Have. Not. Read. This. Before !!!!!!!

I thought i loved Kian and Conall from Sibylla's Bitterroot Series !!!!

I soooooo read all these books back to front !

Be prepared to fall for Ronin and be prepared to fall HARD !!!

Devin is on a harsh journey of self discovery in a set track..... Shes going to college with her first love Jake when fate deals her a harsh blow ..... Will she go back to Jake will she move on with Ronin? 

This is a tale of heartbreak love self discovery and hope

As always ladies this is a spoiler free review 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

***NEW RELEASE*** Rockstars Temptation Series: Rock God #4 By KT Fisher

Hosted: Francessca’s Romance Reviews




This story is a complicated one. Maisy and Max have been really close for a while now. They clicked straight away and a beautiful friendship blossomed. But is just an innocent friendship? When Maisy’s sexy and troublesome younger sister, Lauren comes to town, she begins to stir everything up. Max’s eyes wonder and Maisy, for some reason doesn’t like it. She tells herself that it’s because she doesn’t want her sister hurt by his playboy ways, but is that true? Join Max and Maisy on their confusing journey full of heartbreak and turmoil. Where their friendship is stretched to the limits with lust and betrayal. Amongst tragedy and danger, can your heart can lead you in the right direction?


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***NEW RELEASE*** Off Your Rocker? By KE Osborn

Genre: Contemporary 

Hosted By: Francessca’s Romance Reviews 

When Delia (Lia) Norman meets Rock Royalty Colter (Colt) Slade unexpectedly after her boyfriend of 4 years breaks up with her, sparks fly immediately. Lia's ex always told her she was dull and boring, she was no fun at all, and he was right. Colt tells Lia to do something exciting - be spontaneous. So she moves out of her comfort zone and goes on tour with the most famous rock group in the world 'Slayed'.

How will Lia deal with being pushed out of her comfortable life and into a world of chaos, paparazzi, screaming 'evil minion' fans and most of all the idea that maybe there is love just around the corner?



Purchase Links


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The Trust Me? Trilogy Box Set

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Just Friends 

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