Tuesday 18 November 2014

***REVIEW*** Masquerade A RA Jones Anthology

In this Anthology is 8 short stories in various genres of Romantic Fiction with the only similarity being, yep, you guessed it a Masquerades.

As always these will be spoiler free reviews.

Dancing with Death
By CP Mandara

Although paranormal is not my usual genre I did enjoy this story. However, it was a little TOO short for my liking.

Violetta is a vampire huntress famed for her success in this field.

Monsieur Martinet is no ordinary vampire, he has a special 'gift', that & his many, many years make him a much sought after 'prize kill' for Violetta.

The images the writer conjures are amazingly detailed, drawing you in completely. 

Masked Desires
By Alisa Easton

Clara is a rather shy, quiet girl so when her friend Jenna suggests they go to this masked event Clara tries to get out of it.  However, with Jenna's help & persuasion they get ready & set off.  

What happens there is beyond anyone's expectations! This girl is in need of a cold shower!!! 

By Paige Matthews

Wow this tale is all kinda HOT!

Bella embarks on a daring night, although planned out months beforehand it is no less nerve wracking.
No names, no identities just one night of fun, fantasy & pleasure. What unfolds will have your heart & panties igniting.

Under Cover
By Glenda Horsfall

While Jed is away on business Laura has missed him terribly, she can not wait for his return but when he gets back things do not go how she has expected at all.

Not quite sure I could have followed through with these orders but that's irrelevant, can Laura?
Will she manage to sate his disappointment?

Gah, keeping these spoiler free gets more & more difficult with each new story! 

Optical Illusions
By Gale Stanley

Maggie had a rather sheltered upbringing, at the mercy of strict parents which led to a wild child phase.  As time goes on there are certain events that have Maggie afraid of this side of herself so she buries it deep & moves on as best she can.

What happens when a, too good to miss work opportunity arrises?
Will a glam new dress for a swanky function give Maggie the confidence to let lose of just one night?    

The Iron Maiden
By Kayla Lords

Baby girl & Sir embark on an eye opening night at the Iron Maiden, a BDSM club.  What transpires is truly eye opening.  The dedication needed to see through with this lifestyle properly is remarkable.

Dominating Justice
By Dakota Skye

Melinda works hard as a defensive attorney by day while living a secret life with her sisters at night. Everything is compartmentalised & kept in strict order, until one wish changes things drastically.

Brad is a hard ass judge who seems untouchable but has had several 'blips' in his personal life, or is he really just THAT stern?

What happens when two strong personalities clash? It's definitely worth the read to find out. 

Fables Deux 
By Hunter S Jones 

This last part of the anthology is actually made up of 2 shorter 'teaser' stories.  

They both feature the fantasies of our leading lady Mary. The first is in Victorian London with Pierre & Jean Paul, the second is set in Las Vegas 2014 with James & Thomas. 

This is not so much the fantasy themselves being played out but the anticipation & build up, which can be more exciting & daring than the actual event.  I personally would love to see how these scenes played out but that's just me being greedy ;-)

To all the authors who participated, I would like to THANK YOU.  

The next RA Jones Anthology will be released in February 2015

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