Thursday 27 November 2014

***REVIEW*** Mistaken Identity 2 Now or Never By Amy Beth

This girl can write f***ed up like no other I've read.
This second part in the Mistaken Identity Series is no exception to that.

Morgan has been on one hell of a ride the last 6 years, witnessing things that no one should have to face.  What has 'Now or Never' got in store for her?  Surely things will get better... Right?

Bailey certainly has his hands full to keep his word to Morgan, can he stick by her or are circumstances against them?

There are some other characters we get to see more of but that's about all I can say to avoid spoilers.  

If these books have taught me anything it is definitely to expect the unexpected, Talk about plot twists, with surprises around every corner.

This series has pushed my comfort zone & for that I am grateful.  Keeping this spoiler free is harder than I thought so I will end here by thanking Amy Beth for this opportunity.

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