Wednesday 12 November 2014

***REVIEW*** That Man 3 By Nelle L'Amour

I have so enjoyed this series, while reacquainting myself with an author I adore, who writes beautifully. I had forgotten the rollercoasters she takes us on!

Calamity Jen sure lives up to her name in this third instalment of the series! I was on edge several times awaiting injury but they never happen how you expect!

Jen has really proved herself in her new career, she knows her stuff & stands by her choices.

Chaz & Libby are in this more but it's Chaz who shows us more of his brilliant character, you can't help but love him.  Jen is so fortunate to have him & his twin sister Libby in her corner. They make a great trio.

Jen gets goes home for christmas so we get to meet her wonderful parents & experience a cozy family holiday. As it should be but it is not without it's surprises, which are even more fun.   

Blake has a few surprises up his sleeve & they will melt your heart & your panties.

Keeping things spoiler free gets more difficult with each part of this series! So I will end here by saying this one is NOT to be missed!

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