Wednesday 12 November 2014

***REVIEW*** That Man 2 By Nelle L'Amour

We continue the story of Calamity Jen, her amazing friends Libby & Chaz, not forgetting her gorgeous new boss Blake Burns.

Jen is such a great character I love her glass half full attitude but at times wish she would see things for what they really are.

We get to see more of her roommate best friend Libby in this part & she is great fun, exactly what Jen needs in her life.  When they go to Vegas for a work thing it balances out nicely, they are both so passionate about their careers so work is the main focus but they do get to kick back & have fun too.

It's no secret that I adore a good male POV, but Blake's thoughts are HILARIOUS! He is knows what he wants & never fails to get exactly that until he meets feisty Jen.

Are workplace relationships ever a good idea?
Can Jen tame the bad boy player?
Is Jen just a challenge for egotistical Blake?

Who will win Jen's heart, her long term boyfriend/new fiancé Bradley or the spontaneous Mr Burns?

You will just have to read & find out. As always a spoiler free review.

Another great job Nelle, I'm off to dive right into part 3.

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