Friday 7 November 2014

***REVIEW*** When We Met A New Adult Anthology AL Jackson, Molly McAdams, Tiffany King, Christina Lee

Featuring 4 stories by 4 amazing authors about the girls from "Hamilton House" & the boys who rock their foundations.

*Behind Her Eyes 

By AL Jackson.

This instalment focuses on the story of Misha.  Your seemingly average & rather shy collage student.

I admire Misha for all she has overcome in her life, she is so strong yet vulnerable, which side will win out?

Misha is so obviously affected by the new 'bad boy' next door but she is still so raw from a terrible event in her not too distant past, she is a constant bundle of nerves & tries to hide herself away.

Is Darryn just another wolf in sheep's  clothing, set to add another scar to her already fragile heart? Will Misha even have the faith to give him a chance?

We get to meet Misha's roommates, Indy, Chloe & Courtney who we will get to see more of in their own parts of the anthology. I can't wait for more of these girls, what a great bunch they make.

*Saving Me

By Molly McAdams

The second story in this anthology follows the life of Indy, your fun loving, party girl but appearances can be deceptive, can't they? 

Indy has such a jam packed story to tell we don't see much of the other characters but it doesn't feel lacking in anyway. They all have their tale to tell so I will be sure to keep reading.

What will happen when the mysterious boy next door, Kier, suddenly appears in her life.

Indy is on a destructive path after some tragic circumstances throw her world into a spin.  My heart broke for everything she went through but boy did I chuckle too, this girl is so funny at times.  The banter back & forth between her & Kier is great.

Will Indy remember in time?

Can Kier convince her his actions are sincere?

Will this mixed up duo help heal each other or just cause more pain? 

*Fouling Out

By Tiffany King

Courtney is your hard working, focused collage girl, raised by a single mother she is driven to succeed for their future.  She does have good relationships with her roommates & coworkers but doesn't always have time to just hang out.

Enter Dalton, a blast from her past, to shake Courtney's routine.  
Arrogant jocks are most definitely NOT part of Courtney's plan but is there more to the star of the basketball team & school celeb, than meets the eye?
Can Courtney let her guard down enough to take a chance & find out?

*Beneath Your Layers

By Christina Lee

What is it they say about 'The best laid plans... ?'

Chloe is about to have the safety of her comfort zone tested when she is teamed, by her boss Jaclyn, with college drop out Blake.

Chloe is very organised (
borderline control freak) & has her life planned out just perfectly, following in her mothers footsteps, much to her moms delight.

Blake has dropped out of school & is working in construction.  He is your typical laid back guy, living in the moment.  

Do opposites really attract or does it spell disaster?  

Truth or Dare?

You will just have to read to find out the answers to these questions, as always this is a spoiler free review.  

Keeping my reviews of this anthology spoiler free is proving rather difficult as there is so much I want to say!

Huge thanks to these 4 lovely ladies for this opportunity.

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