Thursday 27 November 2014

***REVIEW*** The Redeemer Rouge Passion Book 2 By JD Chase

What a story! 

The Redeemer picks up exactly where The Player left off.

JD Chase has worked her magic again & weaved a cryptic web to lead us through many twists & turns that keep us guessing the whole way.

Feisty redhead Isla Hamilton is a force to be reckoned with & god help anyone who crosses her. Does that spark run true or does our Red have a softer side?

Xander Rhodes is charming CEO & bad boy all rolled up in one tasty package but can he charm his way out of this pickle? 

We get to see more of the staff at Rouge Passion along with some new faces. Dean the head barman gives a few surprises too.  We meet a feisty new female character who puts everyone in their place.  

As always this is a spoiler free review so I will finish by saying I NEED MORE!!!!

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