Saturday 15 November 2014

***REVIEW*** Surrendered Truth Book 1 in the Truth Trilogy By JM Nash

I have to say I enjoyed this story, although there were some difficult parts that were hard for me to read there were plenty of light parts to balance things out.  I found it quite funny & the banter between the characters was great.  I can't wait to get started on part 2 Deceived Truth.

Addison William's is living in hell, doing the best she can since the tragic deaths of her parents sent her life into a spin.

Addison is a remarkable young lady making the best of a bad situation, I use the term bad loosely, until she can save enough to escape.  She is so strong yet vulnerable, she can be so funny & will bust your balls if need be.

Greyson Reid has it all, money, control, a business he loves & is living the single life too busy to be tied down until one sentence in his grandfather's will changes things drastically.

"Upon my death, Greyson Paul Reid will have thirty days to marry."

Addison & Greyson's lives literally collide very unexpectedly & the experience leaves them both confused.

Can two people from such different walks of life fall in true love so deeply & so quickly?

Is Greyson just putting up a front, living a shame for the sake of the will & his grandfather's happiness?

Will Addison recover & be able to forgive Greyson? Will Greyson even try to fix things?

For all these answers you will just need to read the series for yourself, as always this is a spoiler free review.

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