Monday 18 August 2014

Review for 'Driven' by K Bromberg

The writing is beautiful, the story line steals your breath.

I particularly love the musical theme throughout.

This is so much more than your average troubled love story.

We have the beautiful Rylee who has her own "baggage" as she calls it yet is such a strong leading female in so many ways.

The sexy as hell Colton & his "747 of baggage". Who is so funny & cute, brooding & strong, untouchable yet somehow fragile.

The secondary characters are amazing too-
Haddie the fantastic room mate & best friend is so funny, every girl should have a Haddie in their life.

The House of boys Rylee works with are amazing, Zander & Aiden stole my heart, but the rest are not to be forgotten either.

Their journey is still so new, can they find a balance? Who knows, up next Fueled then Crashed to find out.  

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