Monday 18 August 2014

Review for 'Crashed' book 3 in the Driven series by K Bromberg

Wow this story is such a brilliant rollercoaster!

K Bromberg’s writing is amazing and paints such a picture . 

I was HOOKED!  Right there with Rylee and Colton every step of the way.  

The twists and turns their journey takes are heart breaking at times and at others piece the broken fragments back together.

There wasn’t the same love and hate for Colton as the previous two books.  I didn’t always like him, but as I understood him better I certainly didn’t hate him, god do I love him though.

I am totally amazed by Rylee’s resilience and persistence when so many would have given up, curled up in a ball and drowned in the darkness.

Haddie and Becks continue to be the best friends to Rylee and Colton, pushing  or pulling back where their friends need it.  Always knowing which approach was best.

The boys continue to steal my heart with their bravery and ability to rise above their circumstances. 

I know I am in for one hulluva book hangover now and CAN NOT WAIT for Raced, coming soon.

This is a series I will read time and time again.

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