Wednesday 20 August 2014

Review 'Into the Deep' by TA McKay

'Into the Deep'
By TA McKay

How do I start?

Can two 'broken' souls heal each other or just make things worse?

This story is different in many ways to others in its 'genre'.
The writing style is perfect to both the story and characters.
The humour throughout is fantastic and a much needed break from the dark and angsty books (FYI I do enjoy those to but refreshing to have a break now and then).

Rocco is such a beautiful man inside and out but he has a dark past that still haunts him.
I love this man but dear lord did he infuriate me, that is until you know his reasons.

Makenzie has been dealt a pretty tough hand of things.  She too has a past and not so distant past that haunt her but she is amazingly strong.

Mason is HILARIOUS! He had me chuckling quite a bit, causing my other half to think I had finally lost my marbles.

Matt may just be the boss we all hope to find.

This review will remain spoiler free and end here.

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