Monday 18 August 2014

Review for 'Fueled' book 2 in the Driven series by K Bromberg

The writing of this story is PURE GENIUS!!!

Giving long awaited answers at JUST THE RIGHT TIME!

The placing of the Colton POV chapters are again PURE GENIUS!!!

Rylee is so remarkable & this is shown perfectly in Fueled! Her ability to see the best & overcome her past are beautiful.

You will love & hate Colton at the same time.

His cockiness is on top form in this second installment.

We get to see more of his vulnerable "not broken, just bent" side. Which is heartbreaking.

We get to see more of the fun loving BEST BFF EVER, Rylee's roommate Haddie in Fueled, she is so ballsy & I totally get why they get along so well/compliment each other!

We finally get more of Colton's 'wing man' Becks.

Their dynamic is much like Rylee & Haddie's.  They challenge & compliment each other as only guys can.  Becks knows when to push & when to give Colton time to figure stuff out for himself.


Rylee's boys from 'The House' 💙

God i love those kids!

Broken by life & their terrible early years yet so full of life & love.

This installment had my brain in overdrive trying to get two steps ahead & prepare myself but let me just say...

I. FAILED. several times. 

My advice- have Crashed ready & loaded to go straight on with their journey!

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