Wednesday 17 September 2014

***REVIEW*** 'Raced' (reading companion to the Driven series) by K Bromberg

This is not your average male POV story.

The feel & style is unique & pure GENIUS!

I have laughed out loud & tried not to ugly cry.

The journey of Colton & Rylee we see in Driven, Fueled & Crashed is not always what it seems. 

Not gonna lie here by denying that I STILL. WANT. MORE.

However, I don't think we will ever truly have enough of this beautiful, bent not broken man & the feisty woman who has 'tamed' him.

I loved the scenes we got of Colton's bromance with Becks.  Becks is to Colton, what Haddie is to Rylee.

Best friend, party animal, fun loving, 100% got their backs whether they agree with the methods or not.

I highly recommend this series that came to strongly recommended to me (kicking myself for sitting on it for so long) I can't wait for Slow Burn & Sweet Ache.

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