Thursday 18 September 2014

***REVIEW*** 'Twisted Iron' (book 2 in the Imperfect Metal series) by TJ Loveless


Twisted Iron

(Book 2 in the Imperfect Metal series)

By TJ Loveless

Although this is part of a series it could be read as a standalone.

If you're a fan of Lee Child or Simon Kernick then you will love this book!

The story centres around Aiden and a family secret that has numerous people trying to kill him off. However, these people get more than they bargained for. There is so much action I couldn't turn the pages quick enough.

There is a slight romantic theme that flows through the story but I personally wasn't feeling the love. The female lead was just a little too annoying for me to connect with.

However with all the twists and turns this is a really good book and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a full on action packed book.


“If the world was going to burn, I was going to feed the flames.” 

Aiden Middleston spent years surrounded by blood and death, first in the Army, then as a mercenary. But after helping a friend survive deadly espionage, and learning his love for her will never be returned as anything more than friendship, he heads home to the family ranch in Dillon, Montana. 

Yet escaping blood and death isn’t in the cards when he lands in the middle of a range war over water rights, and a family vendetta in the blood and generations old, pulling him into the sort of life he’s been trying to escape. 

Aiden has a choice – he can use those years of killing to defend what’s his, or keep his sanity and leave one hundred thirty years of family memories and history to those willing to murder for it. 

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Book 1 in the series is called Fractured Steel.


After a bloody tour in Iraq, all Karen Barnes wants is a simple life, surrounded by horses and the mountains of Wyoming. But when a stranger tries boarding a famous horse worth millions at her stable, Karen grows suspicious that the horse has been stolen.

When her worse fears are confirmed and her life is threatened, her instinct for survival kicks in. But things are far worse than she could have even imagined when she discovers that the theft is just a coverup for espionage.

With the lives of those she cares for at stake, can she find the courage to fight one more battle, or will the violence and carnage tear her to pieces?

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