Monday 15 September 2014

*****K Bromberg Interview*****

Ok so unless you're dead from the neck up you all by now know that today is the release day for K Bromberg's latest masterpiece Raced written from excerpts from each book in the Driven Trilogy. 

We wee lucky enough to be able to ask her some questions hope you all like .....

Is Tawny a real person you know but with a different character name?

Nope. 100% Fictional.

How do you know so much about racing?

I grew up with it a bit in my house but more Off-road racing. It’s not a hard sport to understand so that’s helpful when writing it.

Are orphan children something close to your heart or just part of the story?

Just part of the story. That sounds rude to say it like that but nope, just all fictional.

Does you personally check out your characters living area I.e. state/county - road/houses where they live - shops and places they visit or is it all fiction?

Some places I researched, some I made up. The Surf Shack restaurant is made up but the Santa Monica pier and the hotel in Florida are all real.

Which character did your imaginarion bring to life first Rylee or Colton?

That’s a hard one for me to say because without one there was not the other. I think Colton but when I see him, I see Rylee too.

You have a lot of blonde bimbo type women chasing Colton - have you ever personally come up against women like this?

Ha. Funny question. No, not really. I live in California where blonde is everywhere…I just literally picked one set of features so that Rylee was the exact opposite of them.

I race you - I Spiderman you - I Lego you!! Fantastic way to say those three awkward words. Is this something from your own childhood or did your brilliant story mind make this up?

I had finished Fueled and was sitting on it…letting it marinate in a way…and I was driving home from work one day and I thought, how would Rylee tell the kids she cares about them and vice versa if she wanted to show affection?  I had mentioned Spiderman in Driven with Scooter and then I had written the superhero chant so I figured why not say it in other terms…and I thought of the ‘I (insert word) here’ idea…and it changed the whole book for me. Ripped it apart and rewrote scenes to incorporate it. 

Will there be anymore in the series besides Slow Burn, i.e. more on the boys & their dealing with the past & their own future/lives?

Not sure. I have Sweet Ache that I’m writing right now that deals with Quinlan (Colton’s sister) and I’d love to write one about Tanner and Zander….and even Tawny. I’d enjoy the challenge to try and make you guys understand and maybe even like her…but we’ll see on that one.

Oh one last q, you have Stu's number? ;-)

Ha. I hate to break it to you but Stu is very much taken … and really as nice as he seems.

Thank you so much for your time and amazing creative imagination Kristy !!!!

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