Friday 26 September 2014

******Excerpt***** For Richer For Poorer by Krissy V

I quickly let go of her and then I turn and run out of the room. She runs after me and before I know what’s happening she rugby tackles me to the floor, I go down with a bang. I didn’t expect that, she sits on me and starts punching me, laughing the whole time. Then she stops hitting me because she is laughing so much.
That’s my cue to move and put her under me. “Now Meg that’s not nice, do I have to tickle you?” She starts moving her head back and forth and she is laughing uncontrollably. She looks so beautiful, I sit back and just look at her and it takes her a few minutes to stop wriggling underneath me. When she does she opens her eyes and looks at me.
“What?!” she asks.
I lean forward and kiss her, then when I sit back up I say “I … I like you a lot Meg I really do. I want you so bad right now do you know that?”
She smiles at me and does something that I don’t expect. She reaches out and grabs my cock and squeezes it. “Yes Dillon I can see that” god she is so sarcastic and I love it!
I laugh and stand up and then hold out my hand for her to pull herself up. She takes my hand and then she says “So do I get my reward or are you just going to stand there with your mouth open.” She turns and starts to walk away, then she stops and turns only one shoulder and her head and smiles at me.
I close the gap between us in two strides, then I turn her towards me and lift her up so that she is straddling my waist. “God you do things to me that I’ve never experienced before Meg. You are going to kill me do you know that?” I walk with her straddling me and take her into the bedroom.
I put her down on the bed and lay down next to her. “Meg I am not going to be in work for the next few days I have to go to Plymouth for a few meetings. Can I stay tonight because I’m not ready to leave you yet?”
She smiles at me. “Of course you can Dillon, I didn’t expect you to go home. What would you do with that cock? I can look after that for you.” She pushes me down and then crawls down my body looking up at me as she goes.

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