Friday 12 September 2014

***REVIEW*** Purple Rain (book 2 in the Rain Series) by TJ West

Purple Rain
(Book 2 in the Rain series)
By TJ West

Although Purple Rain is part of a series each book is a complete novel focusing on different main characters with the others as secondary characters.

I have to dive straight in & say I truly admire Sandy for her strength & determination to put her son first at such a high price to herself.  Then to go on & face his high functioning autism head on, challenging herself all the way to ensure Joey is cared for & educated in the best way possible.
Her 'what will be, will be' attitude has done her well where others may have caved under the strain, i'm sure she felt at times but not Sandy, she just kept at it.
She is fiercely protective of her son, no one meets him until she deems them worthy of sticking around. 

Joey is such a strong & remarkable child.  We could all learn a valuable lesson & be more accepting as Joey is.  That boy had me chuckling away or smiling at my kindle with his carefree attitude & at times blunt responses.  He sure does tell it how it is.
My other half has given me more than a few 'what the heck' looks while I read Purple Rain.  

Sandy has surrounded herself with good people who care for her & are worthy of being in Joey's life.

Her 'Angel' of a boss, Red, has been like a father & grandfather to them.  He may have a master plan brewing but will it work out or spell disaster?

Their neighbour Vivian has been a constant support, a grandmother figure & has helped greatly especially by looking after Joey while Sandy worked.

Peta, Sandy's best friend & co worker is as any BFF should be, someone to party & have fun with, whether it be a night out on the town or a night in on the sofa.

Quinn, where do you start with this typical alpha male? 
Hot as hell, bad boy, care free attitude.  Quiet at brooding but he can be so sweet & say just the right thing if he opens himself up enough.  SWOOOOON!
Quinn is not without his fair share of demons haunting him though.

Can these two head strong individuals heal each other if they could just let their walls down or are they TOO head strong & only bring more pain? 

Even during the heavier subjects the author helps us to laugh & lightens the mood.

The epilogue to this story is rather different, in a good way, but as this is a non spoiler review you will just have to read it & discover why.

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