Monday 15 December 2014

***REVIEW*** Sliding into Home (A New League #1) By Anne Lange

This is a great, quick read.
I loved the flow & style of the writing.

Teenage sweethearts Jack & Devyn met a premature ending when Jack left to play professional baseball.

Jack's life heads on a downward spiral after an injury ends his career.  Can he drag himself out of his solo pity party long enough to plan his next move?

Devyn picked herself up after Jack left & made a life for herself but as it tends to do, life threw her a few curve balls.  Is Devyn truly happy with her life or simply going through the motions?

Cupid strikes in the form of Devyn's two best friends, Caroline & Sara, along with Jack's friend Mason.

Does a second chance with the one that got away ever work out? Or have these three friends just created a path of destruction?

As always this is a spoiler free review so you will just have to read on to see if what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas!

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