Saturday 13 December 2014

***REVIEW*** Idle Bloom By Jewel E Ann

I seem to be in this predicament quite a bit lately but... Where to start with this wonderful story???

Vivian is such a sassy confident girl but all she sees is the broken in herself or worse than that, the pity in their eyes.
She is incredibly driven, leaving no doubt in my mind she COULD conquer the world if she put herself out there.

Oliver is in denial, hiding from a tortured past. The subject is OFF LIMITS!!! Literally locked away, he too hates seeing the pitying looks in the eyes of his nearest & dearest. 
He has completely changed his life in order to keep up the pretence of 'healing'.

Can the mystery donut girl from the subway break through the walls of the elusive hottie in sexy work boots?
Can that same hottie find himself again in enchanting emerald eyes?

Is it possible to forgive such troubled pasts & move on? 

Both hide behind masks & lies to avoid hurting those close to them but how long can they keep this up?

There are so many profound messages we could all stand to learn in this story but it between the deep & dark there is light & funny.

The playful banter between all the characters is hilarious. They may make fun of each other but it is all said with love & fierce protection.

I know I will NEVER look at coffee & donuts the same way again!

We make our own rules in this life! You need to find your own bliss, your own... Home.

An amazing story, beautifully written.  Check it out you will not be disappointed!


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