Wednesday 3 December 2014

***REVIEW*** Forgotten Promises Promises Series Book 2 By Elle Brooks

Um... WOW!
I am totally speechless!
How can I possibly do this amazing author & book any justice???

I have sat here staring at this screen for I don't know how long trying to summarise my thoughts, can I get away with
JUST. READ. THE. BOOKS! Probably not, so here goes...

When I read Promises Hurt, (Book 1) I was BLOWN AWAY by Elle's  talent & especially given it was her first EVER novel! She has done it again with Forgotten Promises. this is something that I had no doubts would happen.

Before you start to imagine where this story will go, STOP!
Elle has written such a rollercoaster of events & emotions that you constantly doubt your ideas. Just try to sit back & enjoy the ride, believe me it is worth it.

I have laughed, gasped, sobbed & ugly cried but it does not detract from the beauty of the story & writing, in fact it enhances it, I do not cry easily while reading.

You can't help but love the shy & nerdy Blair with her quirky slogan T-shirts but when she opens up it is amazing how confident & funny she can be.

Who doesn't love the cocky bad boy? Ethan is no exception but he is not your everyday arrogant 'I'm sexy & I know it' jock/musician, he is so down to earth which makes you love him even more.

The playful banter between these two is great fun to read, when you add in their friends, the group as a whole are hilarious but you know they all have each others back if needed.

As always this will be a spoiler free review so I will try to wrap this up.

Book 1 has stayed with me in the months since I read it & I have no doubt this one will too.  This is a series I will cherish & read countless times over the years.

Well done Elle another fantastic novel. 💜

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