Monday 2 February 2015

***REVIEW*** MC Chronicles The Diary if Bink Cummings Vol2 By Bink Cummings.

I finished this book a few days ago & still have no clue how to write this review.

Holy crap Bink had my spidey senses & nerves on high alert with this one, keeping it spoiler free may prove damn near impossible!

I have thought about the story constantly since I read that last page & finished the book.
It is certainly one of those 'I can't wait to see what happens' devouring yet 'I don't want it to end', prolonging reads.

You can take the girl outta the club but you can't take the club outta the girl, although Bink does a damn good job of burying her badass biker side.  I have to admit I really am worrying what part will win, The belonging & comfort of the club, family/home or the need to break free & take the 'safer' path of the unknown?

Where will she end up?
What sort of destruction has she left the club in? If any at all.
Will Big exert his position & power by hauling her ass back home?

I'm gonna have to stop here, although I could talk for days about the twists & turns of Bink's journey (& have! Just ask my sista from another mista Laura) 

If you can take anything from this review, which may be the hardest I have ever had to write, PLEASE let it be READ. THE. DAMN. BOOKS.

Lynn 💜

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