Monday 2 February 2015

***REVIEW*** Into The Fire (Into The Series #3) By TA McKay

Well you have done it again Mrs, book 3 has everything we have come to LOVE about your writing.
I respect that this is the third & final book in the series but I feel it necessary to add that should you feel the need to continue the series I will be front of the Que.

Noah & Madison really do have a great friendship & are a perfect fit but will they only ever be friends?

They tease each other like best friends should & boy Madison may be tiny compared to Noah but she sure can put him in his place. 
They have by no means had a smooth road over the years but for all the hurt they remain friends as not having each other in their lives would be far too difficult.

It certainly seems that's how they work best, taking things further always seems to end in heartbreak but how many times can they go through this before it drives a wedge too big to mend between them?

We do get to see more of the characters we know & love from the previous books in this series. The way they all wind each other up is so funny but we know that no matter what they will have each others backs. 
I could go on & on but this really should be experienced first hand, so you will just have to read for yourself.

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