Saturday 24 January 2015

***REVIEW*** MC Chronicles The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol1 By Bink Cummings

This is not my first MC book but it is different from others I have read. Bink's writing style is much more candid, writing to her diary.  It is more detailed with blunt honesty of the warts & all club lifestyle. 

Whether you understand the rules, traditions & ways of the club or not you can not deny the fierce loyalty, protection, support & love shared between these brothers & sisters. They may not all be blood relations but they are just as close (if not closer).

This book has it all, it's funny yet touching, will have you on the verge of exploding with anger or frustration but it is also HELLA HOT!

I highly recommend this to MC fans or anyone open to trying something new.
I can not wait for volume 2.
Well done Bink. Peace x

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