Saturday 10 January 2015

***REVIEW*** Frozen By LA Casey

Frozen is my first taste of LA Casey's work & it most certainly will NOT be my last!

This is such a wonderful story with so many ups & downs.  

Neala & Darcy are so funny in their pranks & antics but so frustrating in their stubbornness.  
Good god did I want to shake them.
Can they really not see what is staring them in the face or is it a case of wishful thinking on their mothers part?

All the characters are great, they love each other dearly yet bicker & fight, as any good family should (mine do anyway). 
It has your typical meddling mothers,  beaten down & defeated fathers, protective brothers who naturally stir up trouble, the innocence & unconditional love of the children,  all wrapped up in a lovely christmas bow.

It really does have everything laughter, (I lost very nearly killed my kindle when I almost spat my tea out) & tears (happy & sad), drama & full on OH CRAP moments.

Oh before I end I can't forget about Einstein, Darcy's African grey parrot who has pure GENIUS with her timing.

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