Thursday 19 March 2015

***REVIEW*** Post Breakup Sex (Copperline #1) By Sibylla Matilde

Well two worlds most definitely collide in Sibylla's latest release.
It's no secret I adore this lady's work & PBS does not dissappoint! 

Sophie Buchanan is from the elite side of town but some eye opening news has her turning to the 'wrong' side, the reckless, adventurous side of town.  Where she stumbles across the man ho that is Brannon Forrester & begins a bucket list with a twist.

Brannon is a player, who has a seemingly easy life but he is not without his own struggles & demons.

The journey these two take together will leave you reeling & questioning from start to finish. 

As with all Sibylla's books there is a fab song list- MUST be checked out! Whether it be as you read or after, music always adds to my reading experience.

Well done Siby another knock out!

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