Monday 23 March 2015

***REVIEW*** Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura By Annie Hughes

I read, & enjoyed, this book before it underwent this edit & overhaul. Yet I was still struck with giddy excitement when it landed back on my kindle for a reread, which speaks volumes about this brand new author, the story & characters she has created.  

Having read & reviewed this previously does NOT make this easier to write, I mean how can I condense all my thoughts into a spoiler free review???

As I did the last time I am gonna go with my gut & write this with the raw emotion I feel from finishing Anna's journey.

The horrors Anna has survived in her first 16 years of life are heartbreaking!  She may believe she is weak but I think she is far stronger than any of us could ever hope to be.

When Anna let her guard down & her true personality come through it is so funny, I find her responses & quick wit are similar to my own.

I can't avoid mentioning the good people in Anna's life & how thankful I am that she has them!
Chloe, Logan & Jake are the BEST BFFs a girl could have, although ranking order may prove difficult, they each have their moments & own unique ways to help. 
The dynamic & humour between Anna & Logan is hilarious. 
David & Mel are true saviours.

This new life is not without it's ups & downs shaking Anna's faith that these changes are permanent, you can't blame the girl for having doubt.

I couldn't  help but wonder, several times, is it all too good to be true? Can someone's life change so quickly & in such a huge way without it all coming crashing down?

This is one roller coaster ride that needs to be experienced first hand so you will need to read it to find out.

Thank you for this opportunity Annie, I can't wait to read Book 2. 

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