Sunday 1 November 2015

Marley by Lesley Jones : a Carnage Novel

My review of Marley 

Marley ........

I can't believe it's over I've finished this wonderful book ...I'm devastated !!

I loved Marley in the Carnage books 1 & 2 but in this his very own book I think I now Love him even more .

Marley and Macca and their adventures the heartbreak and the laughs will have you crying screaming wanting to slap them both and wanting to hug them to give these two very young Rock Stars a hug .

Marley a man now in his 50's telling his story recreating all the feelings and emotions you experienced in the previous books bringing his own new emotions and f**k me you better hold on this is a ride that will make you FEEL !!! Bring the tissues bring the chocolate bring the wine this book will make your heart beat erratically your head thump with frustration and your eyes leak !!!

Lesley Jones  you simply knocked this book straight off the planet it's freaking amazing  .
Your writing  style is second to none the way you have told Marleys story zaps you back into the first and second books and the realisation hits you that not all is as it seems a great big huge congratulations on another phenomenal release your books Rock !!!!!!!

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