Monday 20 July 2015

Review Forbidden Pleasures by DH Sidebottom

Jay And Bea's Story. Dawn is truly on form with another NSC book. This time it's the turn of Jay (Liv and Nate's son) and Bea. 
Both beautifully broken in ways that could both bring them together and blow them apart. Will the troubles in their respective pasts and presents be too much for them to handle ? Let's face it ... 
This is a DH Sidebottom work of twisted genius... Anything is possible! And in true DH Sidebottom style just when you think you've got it all worked out think again because you've got it wrong the last half dozen times you tried and failed to guess the direction of the story !
As always the connection with the story, back story and characters is flawless and the ebb and flow of the story amazingly choreographed. 

As always ladies this is a spoiler free review .... You wanna know what happens ? Give it a one click xxx

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